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Sadly in these modern times rules, regulations and terms and condition are an essential part of online use, they are there to protect us and more importantly to protect our members and help us to develope a community that is understanding of other peoples needs and to promote respect amongst our members.

While the majority of our members follow these rules naturally there will be occasions when some people may not be aware of how to conduct themselves when using our services and so these rules are here to ensure there is no confusion in this matter.

The role of this community is to create a single location for people affected by CRPS so that they can socialise with like minded/experienced people and fellow sufferers, as such we have created a set of terms and Conditions which outlay what is expected when using the CRPS Community website.

These rules are in place to ensure everyone using the website is aware of the high standards we set and allow them to enjoy the features without worry of recrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation. They also gives notice of how the information should be perceived e.g. comments of a medical nature, please ensure you read them and check back often as we reserve the right to make changes without notification.

All members are advised/reminded that when joining/registering at this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of membership. These Terms and Conditions are shown in the list of documents below. It is a members responsibility to ensure they view these documents from time to check for changes - date of editing or creation is shown in the document title.