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We are a non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to help people that are affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, typically this includes sufferers, carers, relatives and friends.

Help is provided via information and the ability for those affected to participate in information sharing, be this by asking and answering questions in our forums or through the posting of news or the completion of surveys and questionnaires. Our ideal is to provide people with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions in the management of their illness.

The CRPS Community website was born in August 2012 and is the brain child of Deb Rose, a long term sufferer of CRPS who like many others was frustrated by the lack of publicly available information on CRPS and the availability of online support for people living in Britain.

"We are currently the only all-in-one solution for people affected by CRPS, no other site offers what we have become, which is an all in one easily accessible location." Deb Rose

Along with the forums we also offer information on influential people involved with CRPS, who include Dr. Karen Rodham, the UK's top specialist on CRPS, and Danielle Brown the Olympic gold medalist who has CRPS.

Other useful information and tools include, surveys, questionnaires and downloadable Publications.

Join the Community

Join the CRPS to ask questions, talk to other people with CRPS and have your say on a wide range of topics.